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Holy Word for Morning Revival (January 31 to February 5, 2022)

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Crystallization-Study of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Volume One. Week Four (repeat).

Scripture reading (Recovery Version): Matthew 1:5; Joshua 6:22-26; 7:1-6, 10-15, 20-21; 9:14.

Title: The need for God’s people to seek the Lord’s direction and have the Lord’s presence to display His victory for the building up of His Body and the spreading of the kingdom.

Hymns, #792. Lyrics: Witness Lee. “Waiting on Thee, Lord, waiting on Thee”.

Study Questions:

  1. Explain how Rahab’s faith in God, her turn to Israel, and her association with Salmon of Judah not only saved her and her household but made her an ancestor of Christ in His incarnation.
  2. Describe the absolute importance of having the Lord’s direct presence in order to possess Christ as the reality of the good land as revealed in the story of Israel’s defeat at Ai and its subsequent victory through dealing with the sin of Achan.
  3. State how we the believers should always co-live with, rely on, and be one with Christ our Husband and seek His counsel in everything by learning from the story of the children of Israel being deceived by the Gibeonites.

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