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Holy Word for Morning Revival (Nov 29 to Dec 4, 2021)

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Crystallization-Study of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Volume One. Week Five.

Scripture reading (Recovery Version): Joshua 5:12; 13:1-22:34; Colossians 1:12; Acts 26:18.

Title: The produce of the land of Canaan and the intrinsic significance of the allotment of the good land.

Hymns, #1164. Lyrics: Adapted. “Jesus, the all-inclusive land, is everything to me”.

Study Questions:

  1. What is the spiritual significance (in the New Testament) of laboring on Christ as the good land? How do we labor on Christ in our daily life?
  2. What is the significance of the three stages of eating Christ? Why is it necessary to reach the third stage before the fulfillment of the type of the temple can be built up?
  3. Why is warfare required in order for us to possess Christ as the good land?
  4. What is the intrinsic significance of the allotment of the good land? How is this significance revealed in the New Testament? How do we possess our allotted portion?

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