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Holy Word for Morning Revival (Nov 15 to 20, 2021)

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Crystallization-Study of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Volume One. Week Three.

Scripture reading (Recovery Version): Joshua 3:14:24; 5:1-10

Title: Crossing the Jordan River and being prepared for battle.

Hymns, #280. Lyrics: Watchman Nee. “Oh, from myself deliver”.

Study Questions:

  1. Explain the difference between the crossing of the Red Sea and the crossing of the Jordan River.
  2. Why was the crossing of the Jordan River so critical in preparing Israel to possess the good land and defeat the enemies?
  3. Explain the significance of the two sets of twelve stones with one set taken out of the Jordan and the other set erected in the Jordan.
  4. Explain the significance of the priests carrying the Ark of the Testimony by standing firmly at the bottom of the river Jordan until all the nation had completely crossed over.
  5. Why was there still the need of circumcision after Israel crossed the Jordan River? Explain the spiritual application of this experience.

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