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Holy Word for Morning Revival (Nov 1 to 6, 2021)

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Crystallization-Study of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, Volume One. Week One.

Title: God’s charge, promise, and encouragement to Joshua.

Scripture reading (Recovery Version): Joshua 1: 1-9.

Hymns #784, Lyrics: Witness Lee. ” Pray to fellowship with Jesus, in the spirit seek His face”.

Study Questions:

1. What are the two main points of the hidden, intrinsic significances of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth (by being today’s Joshua’s, Caleb’s, and Ruth’s), and what does it mean when we say that we need to take the God-promised land for Christ?

2. What are the various aspects of Joshua as a type of Christ?

3. What is the intrinsic significance of Joshua 1:5-7?

4. What was the key to Joshua’s prosperity, success, strength, and courage in taking the God-promised land as seen in Joshua 1:8-9?

5.What is the intrinsic significance of musing upon God’s word, and how can we practice it?

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